[ Hdac ] IoT Contract & M2M Transaction Platform based on Blockchain

[ Hdac ] IoT Contract & M2M Transaction Platform based on Blockchain
Currently blockchain technology has grown rapidly to create a new ecosystem that can facilitate all jobs become more secure and transparent. Already many platforms that use this blockchain technology in financial institutions and companies. Currently there is a platform that will integrate between IoT and Blockchain ie Hdac.

We know that the current IoT technology has grown so rapidly that it provides an idea for Hdac to combine blockchain, IoT, and Fintech into one that enables to address issues such as authentication, mapping and payment between machines.

The Hdac platform has a key feature that enables one to create digital assets or custom tokens without restrictions and provide names like services on the ethereum platform and then distributed by authorized administrators. In addition, the Hdac blockchain platform can be easily configured by the user at will and a new node configuration can be done with just one command line.

Unlike most blockchain-based platforms, Hdac has a function that is capable of modifying or adding capacity, security, functionality, and speed. As for some other main features you can see in the picture

Hdac uses ePOW as a consensus algorithm to create new blocks that can reduce participating nodes in POW otherwise it can prevent energy wastage while doing mining

Unlike the bitcoin that only has about 21 million coins, the Hdac blockchain has a 12 billion DAC token in return for the first block of 5000 DAC which every 3 minutes a new block will create

For more details you can read whitepaper here Whitepaper Hdac

Token Sales

Currently Hdac opens DAC token sales with a minimum purchase of 0.1 BTC and will earn 1800 DAC. If you participate and purchase DAC from 1 BTC will get an extra bonus of 4000 DAC. The token sale begins on November 27, 2017 until December 22, 2017.

Unlike other token sales, Hdac only accepts tokens with a bitcoin digital currency. You can buy DAC from your personal wallet address with private key. Before buying first you must register on the official web Hdac.

Tim Hdac

Founder : Dae-Sun Chung
Blockchain Evangelist : William Chun
Development Director : Devon Choi
Development Engineer : Jae-Min Lee
Development Engineer :Joong-Bum Choi
Development Engineer : Il-hun Chung
Development Engineer :Jae-Hoon Kim
Development Engineer : Nak-Jin Kim
Development Engineer: Seung-Jun Ro
Development Engineer: Ho-Young Yang
Development Engineer: Yong-hoon Kim
Operating Director: David Lee
Strategy Planner: Ji-Hoon Kim
Marketing Director: Robert Choi
Strategy Manager: Bong-Suk Kwak
Marketing Manager: Mike Noh
Marketing Assistant: Won Lee
Marketing Assistant: Steven Kang

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